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Hello there and welcome to the Titanic autograph site. It was through my passion and continued interest in this wonderful ship and the element of conspiracy concerning her sinking that drives my continued affection for all and everything Titanic. This Sentiment shows with many people of all ages all over the world, even though its 100 years after her sad passing in the Atlantic on that cold April night in 1912. A lots of people’s interest in Titanic arrived with the film of Titanic but mine started as a boy at junior school when the class were asked to make a model of a means of transport. It was around the time of the Apollo space flights and most of the class made their version of an Apollo space craft. My Action man fitted in mine! One of the other children in the class a lad called Steven Bates who was a bit of a strange character because he used to run to school from home with his arms opened out wide pretending he was an airplane (he made the engine noises too!). He was also slightly nervous and used to eat bits of paper handkerchiefs. I digress. Steven Bates decided to build his version of the Titanic ship and through that that I first got to know about this incredible ship and its amazing story. From its launch at Belfast its, near miss with the SS City of New York at Southampton. How about the names that have become synonymous with the ship Thomas Andrews, Charles Lightoller, Captain Edward Smith, the “unsinkable Molly Brown”, Bruce Ismay, The Marconi operator Jack Phillips, Millvina Dean, Edith Eileen Haisman (née Brown), so many stories each family have whether a survivor or a descendent. Moving forward to modern times the discovery of the wreck of the Titanic by Robert Ballard and the 1997 film Directed by James Cameron, starring Bernard Hill, Bill Paxton, Billy Zane, Kate Winslet, Kathy Bates, & Leonardo Di Caprio

Millvina Dean told us that she was “rediscovered” as a survivor after the Titanic film came out”. The film although based on facts was a fictitious romance but it introduced millions to the story of the Titanic.

In my professional life as an entertainer, then an entertainment agent and then a sports agent although the interest in Titanic never went away it was sidelined by things like raising a family, trying to create a business, earn enough money to put food on the table and pay the mortgage. In latter years when working as a sports agent I was able to show a number of my sports clients the opportunity of making money from their autographs, from which we then set up our own sports memorabilia site soccerbid.co.uk which eventually led us into the idea of getting into Titanic memorabilia and autographs.

I made it my business to go and meet Millvina Dean the last survivor from Titanic we spent numerous afternoons talking to her about her interesting life and family. The stories she knew about Titanic, the survivors and also giving her views on things of the modern world. We were delighted to contribute quite extensively towards the costs of her nursing home. I’m sure we paid over the odds for her autographs however the time we spent with her more than qualified the amount of money we paid her for the different things she signed. We made it very clear to her that we were doing this as a business venture particularly working towards the anniversary of 2012. Millvina told us many stories of various different so called memorabilia dealers who had conned her over the years. They had promised her payment for autographs but she never received anything. Even a few weeks before she died she commented that people had asked her to send cuttings of her hair and she was still waiting payment for that. Some may criticize us from making money from the dead or the disaster, everything that we have on this site either the signee has received payment as example of Milvina Dean or we have dealt with the descendants of titanic passengers or dealt with a third party on behalf of the descendant. Each of these people has been more than happy to receive money for their autographs or memorabilia. As one descendent remarked “we keep items in a bank or away in cupboards”. “We get no pleasure from these items but the income we receive gives us a better life a lot of the families did not get much compensation and in some cases nothing at all. If what we sell creates happiness for a collector or fan of Titanic then we all stand to gain something”.

Concerning authenticity though our sports side we have built up a vetting procedure which we consider to be second to none. I am a UACC dealer which is a recognized body throughout the world of concerning authenticity and customer service. I am also proud to be a board member of AFTAL the UK policing service working alongside the police and trading standards. The media positively like us and the BBC regularly use my knowledge concerning memorabilia within their media outlets.

If you are looking for vast information and history about Titanic and it’s sinking this is probably the wrong site for you; however if you are wishing to purchase as a present or an investment a piece of history or even just something special concerning Titanic look no further.

Millvina Dean when asked if she wanted ice in her drink on one of our social occasions remarked “No I have experienced enough ice to last me a lifetime”


Thank you for visiting the site and we look forward to of being of service to you,

Kind Regards

David Davies.

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