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Posted on 9th Mar 2016 @ 3:06 PM

As quick as we get past the madness of Christmas we all look forward to spring and April and the Titanic anniversary comes round quicker every year. The fondness for Titanic never diminishes I mentioned last year it was like an old friend and every now and again a Titanic related story makes the news.


The launch of Titanic II is already getting some publicity for May 2018 and the images of the interior of this ship are very close to the originals. Only in the last week there has been stories about the size of the iceberg that Titanic hit and its age. “Titanic the musical” is reopening in London for a limited period for those who missed it before. So our old friend is still making national news across the World 104 years after she left us. I would love to ask the education syllabus programmers to add Titanic and it story to every child’s education for the Junior school age group. I am sure it would be too much to ask for it to be a choice for senior school pupils. Memorabilia wise much the same as last year prices are starting to climb back up for autographs and the original memorabilia still gets top money. We were recently amused when a Gentleman offered us I quote “an amazing model of the Ship possibly from 1912 with original features from Harland and Wolff” he was talking about this model going around the world as a museum piece! Price wise well he said it was priceless but he would consider offers in the thousands when we got to see pictures of the item it was the same model being sold in mass produced numbers on Ebay for around £100!!! As annoyed as we were with the timewasting we did smile and suggested the Gentleman may wish to re think his story. Again on the evening of 12th April I will toast the memory of Titanic, its magic its continued friendship long may the friendship continue.


Dave Davies

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