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2015 Titanic news catch up

Posted on 30th Mar 2015 @ 2:04 PM

Greetings whether you are young or old, a new customer from around the world that has stumbled upon us or a regular visitor to our website. When we look back on the last few years although the love of everything Titanic the fascination never diminishes. After the World hype for the 100 year anniversary it was natural that Titanic would not be a regular in the news or in the media. However to me the relationship with Titanic never ceases but now I see this ship as an old friend that I visit on a regular basis and never get sick of our relationship. In memorabilia terms there was a silly period in 2012 when all prices were through the roof. But they seem to have settled down. In a few cases sadly desperate sellers of Titanic items are either still asking too much money thinking that the money and hype of 2012 it still around or just to clear out items giving items away this in turn messes the market up for the proper sellers. We as a company are trying to be sensible. It is not our daily income and we are not reliant on making a sale to pay the bills. We also are very happy that we paid Millvina Dean for the items she signed in person for us. Some of the stories she told of people who never paid her or made promises that were all talk still upset me however those sellers know who they are and if they have a conscience hopefully they will reflect! My wife and I still visit Woodlands Road Woodlands Ashurst Hampshire United Kingdom as there is a lovely hotel that we used to stay at when visiting Millvina and if a long signing session. We used to lunch at the local pub and Millvina agreed to be taken out for a cup of tea in the area and a cake the last time we saw her sadly she was too ill. There is always a tinge of sadness when we pass the home which was her last residence. As we get near to the 103rd anniversary again (they come round so quickly) my thoughts once again will reflect on the afternoons we spent with Millvina how she wanted us to get a Robin Van Percie signed photo as he “was a nice looking boy”. Once again my plea’s to all who visit our website try and tell the story of Titanic to any children who will listen make it a bedtime story. Get the DVD of the film and let’s ensure as we all get older that the memory of this wonderful ship does not disappear. With modern day travel disasters almost every few months let’s collectively ensure the memory of Titanic does not disappear forever. Now the cheeky sales pitch. A piece of memorabilia or even an image bought from us will ensure memories are not in the mind but a visual reminder every day of our favourite ship! Seriously we love hearing from you across the world and your stories.


Dave Davies

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