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£900,000 obtained for Wallace Hartley Violin

Posted on 20th Oct 2013 @ 12:19 PM

“We can never get away from Titanic” said a non Titanic fan this week. Once again over 100 years after the sinking it still is making headline news. The sale of the violin owned by Wallace Hartley for nine hundred thousand pounds certainly sent shockwaves across the World. Our own boss Dave Davies said “I have studied in great detail the reports of how the authenticity of the item was all put together and it makes interesting reading. I thought it would go for £600,000 but in an age of so called recession it is amazing how much people value items from Titanic.” Even this website received many thousand hits of new unique visitors all wishing to experience the Titanic as it casts its continued spell of new interest weekly for new audiences all over the World

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