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101st anniversary thought provoking words from our boss

Posted on 3rd Apr 2013 @ 1:25 PM


We cannot believe a year has passed so quickly. In the UK this year we have had the worst winter and spring in my memory. As someone who feels the cold to step outside in a coat and stay outside for more than 10 minutes when its freezing and into the minus temperatures my whole body aches with the cold. Then occasionally I think of those poor people from the Titanic who were exposed to the freezing weather and freezing water for hours on end there was none of the thermal clothing we now have access to no Russian style hats. When getting ice for a drink I often grab a handful of ice cubes and after a minute or 2 it’s almost like a pain shooting though my hand imagine that for hours on end? Since the 100th anniversary we have been to the Titanic museum in Belfast and stood in the dry dock. I have read many books and watched many DVD’s and programmes about the ship. My wife says I must not become a bore as I love talking about the whole Titanic story. With the new Wallace Hartley personal items now coming on the market, a new book and film, I am so glad I am not the only one who still has a hunger for all things Titanic. This commemorative month we have reduced in price a number of items to the lowest selling price ever when they are gone they are gone we want to re stock with some new “old” items but we need to clear some stock before we can do that. On the night of the 14 April again at midnight I will wrap up warm and stand outside looking at hopefully a clear night and in my mind spend a minute or 2 thinking of the great ship the personal stories of some of those and maybe hum “Nearer my God to thee”. Why not where ever you are in the World join me doing the same thing? All the razzmatazz of the hundred year anniversary is now faded however as each year passes my thirst for more Titanic knowledge continues. Don’t let the story of Titanic fade from peoples memories please tell your children and grand children and do the experiment with the ice cubes. Oh and of course you could buy something from us to keep that memory ever more. We look foreword to being of service to you.


Dave Davies

April 2013


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